Dedicated Care & Quality

Who are we?

We are The Snail Shack - Animal Lovers & Breeders

We are the work of a single person who wants to give back to the local community that fostered her love for animals. Located in the sleepy state of West Virginia, we breed and sell aquatic freshwater snails for our local community in the Marion and Monongalia county areas. We supply local pet owners and local pet businesses with the supplies and enclosures needed for our aquatic snails.

What do we stand for?

Dedicated Care & Quality

All animals deserve the best care and support, no matter how small. A healthy pet is a happy pet is a happy owner!

We strive to keep our animals in top shape for when they come to you. We will never sell supplies that are inadequate for care. Pets are like family and we should treat them like family.

Local & Small Business Support

As a local business ourselves, our main goal is to support our local community.

That is why 6% of all purchases go towards the Marion County Human Society located in Marion County, WV. By purchasing from our site, you support the care, rehabilitation, and adoption of local animals that need our aid.

True Love for Animals

We really love animals. Like, really really love animals. This isn't just a business, it is a passion and true devotion to all things fuzzy, scaly, feathery, and slimy. Everyone deserves a chance to learn and love animals. The world is full of amazing creatures, from the biggest whale to the smallest snail, let's show them we care!

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to Marion County Humane Society in Fairmont, WV.

You can help this number grow by purchasing from our site.